Our family has been terrorized by an individual requiring us to obtain a restraining order and secure our home. We retained Robert Young of New Technologies Investigative Services. He was able to locate and serve the restraining order to the party to be restrained and who was very difficult to locate. He assisted us with our security needs in our home. Mr. Young went above and beyond the call of duty, and kept updated on a regular basis with the status of the requested services. Mr. Young provided us with detailed information of the service and quickly filed it with the court which was crucial. Mr. Young always returned our phone calls, emails and text messages promptly. He understood the bad situation we were in and provided us with assistance and information in keeping our family safe. His knowledge of investigative and protection services is outstanding. We thank him for his continued help. We highly recommended Mr. Young. We were very fortunate in finding such a person who is dedicated to his profession.

Anonymous – Due to Saftey Concerns – Orange County, CA
February / March 2013


As the owner of Sirius K9 Dog Training I am responsible for overseeing the day to day activities of the business as well as overseeing the training of the dogs. We train dogs for basic through advanced obedience, agility, therapy, and tricks among other general needs. We also train dogs for personal protection, as well bomb and drug detection. Our training facility often works with other independent trainers and training schools. We had shared one of our highly trained dual purpose protection / detection dogs with the owner of another training facility approximately 150 miles away. When we last talked to the owner of the facility he stated that he really thought the dog performed great and that he was going to keep it. We had no agreement for him to keep the dog. We did our own research but could not find any information other than a website with a phone number for this independent trainer. In order to get the process started to get our dog back I needed an address. New Technologies Investigative Services provided me with an address the same day as my request and a full report within a few days. I was very impressed wit their professionalism and with how quickly they completed the task I requested.

Caroline / Owner Sirius K9 Training
May 2008


I’ve practiced law for close to 40 years and during that time have used a lot of investigators. I started using Rob’s services several years ago and since that time have used his firm exclusively for investigations. NTIS consistently comes through. Our office recently scored a total victory in a major case thanks in good part to their investigation. In another recent case, they tracked down a party that no one else had been able to find and successfully made service of process.

Walter R. Nelson, Esq. – Southern California
January 2008


I recently had the need for a Private Investigator regarding a very delicate matter. I had never used one before and so I searched online and in the phone book for the right agency to help me.  After calling five firms without as much as a call back, I came across Rob and his staff at New Technologies Investigative Services (NTIS). Rob set me at ease right away and assured me that his team could handle my very delicate matter.  Well, he was right!  We were able to gain some very important information and conduct various surveillances on a moments notice. I would highly recommend NTIS to anyone in need of investigations that need to remain discreet while obtaining the information. Should I need additional work on this matter or any other matter, NTIS would be my first call.

Rick Simpson – Southern California
November 2007


My boyfriend kept giving me excuses why we could not see each other on the weekend, and why we could not get together after work during the week. I knew he was busy training for a new job, although something was just not right. I needed to know the truth. Was this my imagination, my own insecurities, or was my boyfriend seeing someone else. I was very nervous as I had never hired a private investigator, so I contacted NTIS and spoke with investigator Rob Young. He assured me that all was confidential and made me feel very comfortable about the situation. Within two days I had all the proof I needed to end my relationship with this guy that I thought was my boyfriend. Without the help of NTIS I could have made a huge mistake I was considering marriage with this guy. He would have been the one to make out as I own my house, and two newer vehicles, while he still lives at home with mom and dad. NTIS thank you for saving me further grief and money down the road.

Anonymous – Orange, CA
June 2007


I had been searching for the owner of the vacant property next to my residential property in an effort to contact the owner to purchase the property. I have legal experience and have conducted skip tracing efforts in the past. After searching some public and private online databases and coming up with no solid addresses for the owner of the property I contacted New Technologies Investigative Services, within two hours I had new information leading me to the owner of the property. I did successful locate the owner of the property. NTIS thanks for the quick and successful efforts in finding the owner of the property. I would recommend anyone to NTIS if they would need to locate a person (skip tracing / locate investigation).

Frank – Palmdale, CA
April 2007


Thank you so much for all of your hard work regarding my divorce case. After numerous attempts, my ex-husband who was evading service of process was served. You and your company were very courteous and understanding to my situation and when we realized this was not going to be an easy process, you were still very in touch with communicating to me the status of my service and reassuring that you would complete the job one way or another. Finally, after two weeks of my ex-husband ditching and dodging your Process Servers, they served him early one morning at his place of employment. Thank you once again for all of your hard work in my case, I would recommend everyone I know who needs this kind of service to you and your company. If needed, I would definitely use you again. I am very appreciative of your customer service and determination.

Warmest Regards,
Stephanie – Irvine, CA – October 2006


My daughter was starting the process of a very ugly divorce.  Her future ex needed to be served with a Summons & Petition and an Order for Protection, amongst other legal documents.  Timeliness was very important to us for the protection of my daughter.  The local Sheriff’s Department in the area was not successful in trying to serve him.  We went through a very stressful two weeks waiting for the Sheriff’s Department to try to serve him. This was compounded by the fact that my future ex son-in-law worked at a company that had a business relationship with the Sheriff’s Department that the Sheriff’s Department did not want to put in jeopardy.  We hired New Technologies Investigative Services and in one day we had a successful serve.  Rob Young of NTIS kept in constant contact with us and was honest and up front about potential problems we could have.  He spent a day conducting solid field work that led to a successful service of process. Going through a situation like this is very stressful and working with someone that cared about the impact that this was having on our family was very helpful.  I definitely recommend the services of New Technologies Investigative Services.

Bonnie – Illinois
August 2006


Our client’s son was missing for over 3 weeks.  We brought in Investigator Rob Young of New Technologies Investigative Services in Orange County, California and within a few days, Rob called to say through old gumshoe work and connections he had located the subject and had placed him under surveillance by expediting his surveillance team to the location.  We later learned Rob had located the subject 60 miles from the subject’s residence and with minimal leads to go on Rob and his team came through for us in a big way.  They maintained the surveillance until the subject’s parents arrived on location, and needless to say they were overjoyed when they were reunited with their son.  A job well done!  Thanks again Rob.

Mike Miller, MILLERGROUP Inc. – Santa Monica, CA
June 2006

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